Friday, March 4, 2016

Running with my girls

My girls have just started back running and with me being further along in my training plan, I knew that I wouldn't get to run with them too much!  We all decided that we wanted to train for a 10k in the Spring.  So we signed up for the Super Hero 10k April 16, 2016!  My whole plan for this years running is to just have fun.  Yes, I want to run strong and hopefully get a little faster so I decided that I would only sign up for 5k's and 10k's!  Not having any real long training runs on my plate already feels wonderful!  

So, one of the things that I have been doing on my long runs is going by HR.  Theres been a few runs where it has spiked up higher than is should so when that happens I just walk until I get my HR back to where it should be.  Even if I have to run a 13min mile pace then thats what I do.  Man! My runs have been so much better and I already can tell a difference.  My training plan is simple and goes kind of like this:
Monday-  Weight lifting(legs lower body) w/some boxing
Tuesday-  Run in my neighborhood (lots of hills)
Wednesday-  90min of all upper body weight lifting
Thursday- Treadmill sprints 
Friday-  Rest
Saturday-  long slow run
Sunday-  Short slow run

This plan is simple but has had me looking forward to my workouts! So, for now I'm gonna keep this and see how I do and mainly just have fun with it!

So, back to my girls!  Both of my girls are getting back at it so what I have done is run my recovery run on Sundays which is their slow long run.  I have wanted to really help my oldest get over the hump of stoping and walking quiet a bit.  Even if she was to run 1 mile she would mentally feel like she had to stop after only running a quarter of a mile.  So I talked to her about running super slow, so slow she could carry on a full conversation.  Her first long run was 2.25 miles and I kept us at a very slow pace and I talked the WHOLE time.  I wanted her to see what I was meaning.  When we were done with the run she was absolutely amazed that she didn't stop. Not one time!  I was so proud of her!  Her pace was 14:36 and perfect!  What she had done in the past was felt like she needed to out fast, but then she would walk the run fast again and she would be so out of breath that at the end of her run she was still running 14:something min miles but had walked quiet a bit and she felt discouraged and she hated it.  But helping her to slow down has made her feel better and her confidence has been boosted!  Her second slow long run was for 2.75 miles and again, I ran with her and my other daughter to pace them and make that my slow recovery run.  When we were running again they never stopped and when we got to the 2.75 she wanted to just make it to 3!  So thats what we did!  The pace for that run was 13:56!  I was so proud of her!  They both have been great about getting their week day runs in too!  

This was taken right after our run! 

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